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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

To Your Health!

Beer and HealthMost people are already familiar with the health benefits of moderate wine consumption, given it's prominence in the national media spotlight and the whole "French paradox" thing. Relative few people, however, know that beer not only rivals but in some ways surpasses wine in terms of healthful effects. I thought I'd share a couple of recently published articles focusing on beer (for once) that you might find both interesting and enlightening.

Grap a good craft ale and read on.

This one, from, emphasizes the cancer-fighting power of hops. Specifically, the chemical compound called Xanthohumol, which is shown to be a real enemy to several kinds of cancer.

This article, found on, details 8 reasons why moderate beer drinking is a good thing for your heath.

I thought both articles were quite informative and a good topic of discussion over a couple pints at the pub! Wine may still have the upper hand in terms of exposure and hype, but beer is closing the gap fast. Given there is such a qualitative difference between the mass produced light lagers so popular in America and fine craft-brewed beers from both the U.S. and abroad, it's just a matter of time until consumer's tastebuds awaken from their light, fizzy beer slumber and come to fully appreciate what craft beer can deliver - in taste and heath.

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