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Friday, March 16, 2012

Throwing Stone

A quick post this morning to report that I have it on very good authority that we might be seeing the long-awaited arrival of Stone Brewing Company to the southern Illinois market by or before fall of 2012.

 I'm not at liberty to share more details than that at this point, because much is still pending, but continue to ask for Stone beer at your favorite pub or retailer. The wait will be well worth it.

Good - albeit a bit cryptic - news, huh? Cheers!


  1. Not to contridict you Shawn, but asking your local liquor store dosn't do a whole lot. I ask my salesman about once a week when it is going to be here (along with some higher-ups) and there is still no answer. It is all going to depend on when the distributor makes the deal, but we can't do anything for our customers in the meantime other than tell then what you have just said here.


    1. Josh, while retailers won't dictate when Stone beer arrives in the market, they do have frequent contact with the distributor (as yet unnamed, in this case) who will ultimately be responsible for bringing the beer to the consumer. The idea is that customers ask their store manager or bar manager, the manager then asks their rep and the rep reports increased demand for the brand. This is the type of grassroots support that a company like Stone looks for in a new market. So, asking the liquor store may not seem to "do much," on the surface, but in truth it's doing exactly what needs to be done at the consumer level. In fact, Stone reps have already visited the area for the express purpose of ascertaining the interest level in this market. When they were here, they went to the local pubs first. So, continuing to ask for the beer is doing more than you might think.


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